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Can you imagine having a salary that allows you to freely move and live.?

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Beginner -up to 4.000 per month (year 48.000€)
Master 7.000 per month (year 84.000)
Expert 13.000 per month (year 156.000€)


We are Malta #1 for Eyelash Extensions, Brows services and training, teaching to students.


Beginners and professionals who have completed our live, in-person training in Lash Extensions.


Of our students have doubled their income after completing our training.


Satisfied clients


Of our clients recommend us to their friends, family and acquaintances.


Of our graduates open their own beauty studios or work as independent master technicians.


  • Eyelash Extensions Foundation Training Course is a comprehensive eyelash extensions base course, that requires no prior experience in the beauty industry.
  • The course is suitable for complete beginners, who would like to enter the professional eyelash industry, as well as for students who feel like they need to refresh their knowledge in basic eyelash extensions application, styling and safety.


  • Health and Safety,Allergic Reactions and patch testing
  • Choosing best equipment and tools,Client consultation
  • Different types of eyelashes (curve, thickness, length)
  • Styling for different eye shapes and bone structures
  • Choosing the styling for your client,Application techniques
  • Correct application of lashes – distance, directions, flow
  • Proper use of glue, Eyelash Removal, Eyelash Aftercare
  • Marketing and Business Tools

Contents of the Course

  1. Tools & Products
  • Introduction to the different tools used and proper handling
  • Introduction to different eyelash products
  • Proper use of glue (to avoid allergic reactions)
  • Introduction to different eyelashes (curves, thicknesses and length)
  1. Preparation
  • Patch tests and client consultation
  • Workstation preparation
  • Working with different eye shapes and bone structure
  • Client consultation
  • Selecting the right type of lash set and size
  1. Application Techniques
  • Understanding and handling different lashes
  • Attaching lashes. Lashing Gold Rules (competition criteria)
  • Removing eyelashes
  • Eyelash Care
  1. Marketing and Business Tools
  • How to take professional photos of eyelashes
  • Building a professional portfolio
  • Marketing your business


Prices of the Foundation Course depend on the area. The price of the
Group Foundation Course in Malta is 450 euro, for one day – the VIP One-to-One also available.

2 days Basic incl.2 live models -price 750 euro,

After completing the training you will receive:

  • Lash Extend Accredited Certificate

10% DISCOUNT to buy any Lash Extend products online which is10% FOREVER STUDENT DISCOUNT for ANY products and training

courses from Lash Academy.

  • Lifetime support from the LA team.

Combo Training

Become a practicing Volume Eyelash Extensions professional!
Build on your skills and increase your income up to 8k a month.

For Practicing Technicians and Experts: Upgrade the level of your skills
with Lash Academy custom techniques, or add a brand new skill to
your list of services. Network with other professionals and perfect
your mastery of lash extensions.


  • Classic Lash Extensions: 1D to 2D
  • Original Russian Volume: 2D to 8D training
  • 5 methods of applying Kim’s Effect Lash Extensions
  • Kim’s Effect for Asian eyes
  • Mixing black + brown lashes for Kim’s Effect
  • Different effects: Cat, Doll, Round + more!
  • Layering techniques
  • Transition techniques
  • Working with lash rows
  • Proper application for thin and sparse lashes
  • Mixing different curls
  • Combination of thicknesses

Length variations
Lower lash application
Removal techniques
Refills Correct adhesive handling

Secrets of long lash wearing


Day #1:
10am – 12pm

  • o Setting up your workspace
    o What are Volume Lash Extensions?
    o Benefits of Volume Lash Extensions
    o Meeting a client: The Consultation process
    o Effects: Cat, Round, Fox, Doll etc.
    o Lash thickness, length, and curl
    o Eye and eyelash anatomy and physiology
    o Types of eyelids
    o Correct lash placement
    o Required tools and supplies
    o Disinfection and sterilization
    o Proper assessment of a client’s eye health prior to
    Eyelash Extensions application
    o Environmental factors and ideal settings for Eyelash
    Extensions application
    o Sanitation and hygiene regulations for the Lash
    Extensions process
  • 12pm – 1pm lunch
    1pm – 3pm
  • o Classic Natural sets (1D-2D)
  • o Volume sets (2D-5D)
    o Distance and bonding
    o Fan techniques
    o Random lash placement
    o Consistent lash placement
    o Transitions
    o Volume layering techniques
    o Lower lashes
    o Learn effects and styles that will cater to each individual
    o How to make recommendations to your clients based on
    their natural eyelashes, eye area, and general health
    o How to select and customize looks based on a client’s
    physical attributes and lifestyle
    o Refills and touch-ups
    o Common eye diseases and allergies
     3pm – 6pm
  • o Complete 1 full lash application of a Classic Natural set
    (1D-2D) under the supervision and guidance of your
  • Day #2:
     10am – 12pm
  • o The difference between Russian Volume, Kim’s Effect
    and Modern Lash Style
    o What is Kim’s Effect?
    o History of Kim’s Effect
    o The original Kim’s Effect technique
    o Pros and Cons of Kim’s Effect
    o How to create Kim’s Effect
  • o Lash rows
    o Modern Look
    o Benefits of Modern Look
    o How to create Modern Look
    o Delicate Look
    o Benefits of Delicate Look
    o How to create Delicate Look
    o Airy Look
    o Benefits of Airy Look
    o How to create Airy Look

    o Fluttery Look
    o Benefits of Fluttery Look
    o How to create Fluttery Look
    o Effects: Natural, Cat Eye, Doll, Dramatic,
    Fox, Bambi, Sexi,
  • 12pm – 1pm
    Lunch 1pm – 6pm
  • Complete 1 full lash application of a Volume set under
    the supervision and guidance of your instructor

 6pm – 7pm

o Certification
o Photoshoot

Prices of the Combo Course depend on the area.

 The price of the Group Foundation Course in Malta is 900 euro,

the VIP One-to-One also available .


Are you an experienced lash stylist and do you also wish to specialize
yourself further in the business, then this treatment is a great addition to

your repertoire.

Lash lifting is a treatment where the natural lashes are curled without the
use of lash extensions or mascara.

Please note that the Lash lifting by Lash eXtend is different from the
regular permanent lashes treatment. Our technique does not involve the
use of lash benders. The treatment is pain free and harmless because
silicone pads and certified fluids are being used.

hare their tips and tricks
Clients that are allergic to lash extensions but still want to wear full and curled lashes
without mascara
Clients that do not want lash extensions for whatever reason but do want fuller, curled
lashes without the use of mascara. Mascara can naturally be used after treatment.
Lasts volume 6 to 9 weeks
Natural look
No aftercare necessary
Resistant to moisture, and sleeping

  • Treatment prices starting at 69 euros
    Treatment time 1,5 hours
     Lotion 1
     Lotion 2
     Lotion 3
     Gelpads
     Microbrushes
     Lashlifting tool
     Lashlifting bonding
     Lashlifting pads
     S, M en L
     ill stay “in-demand” and keep up with client needs with Masterclass


It is important to regularly introduce new products in your salon. Because with
new products you know how to attract existing customers and you are extra
interesting for new customers. Choose for the latest innovative treatment in

eyebrows: BLX Brow Lamination Fix.

The BLX Brow Lamination treatment is an advanced technique that transforms
eyebrows into a perfect eyebrow. With this latest treatment you create
voluminous, tight and defined eyebrows, similar to the microblading technique.
The BLX Brow Lamination treatment is ideal for the following problems and
customer requirements:

– Asymmetrically growing eyebrows

– Stiff and untreatable eyebrows
– Eyebrows whose hair grows in the wrong direction
– So-called “frizz-eyebrows”
– BLX Brow Lamination creates a completely open view.

The BLX Brow Lamination Fix treatment takes an average of 30 to 55 minutes in
the salon, depending on your own experience. It is a luxury brow treatment,
which the customer can enjoy for 6 to 8 weeks; you never have to repeat the
treatment within 6 weeks. The treatment includes coloring the eyebrows with
regular eyebrow paint; applying Henna is only possible after 48 hours have
elapsed after the treatment.

This special one-day training course lasts from noon to 4.30 pm and consists of a
theoretical and practical part. A light lunch will be served during the first part of
the theory. The full program is as follows:

– 12.00 – 13.00 Theory & lunch
– 13.00 – 14.00 Demonstration and explanation of practice
– 14:00 – 16:00 Practice area with models (bring your own model)
– 16.00 – 16.30 Evaluation and any questions

In a BLX lamination fix treatment many different techniques of lifting are
possible. In the training you learn 2 techniques: the Defined, microblading look
and the Natural bushy look. With both techniques it is important to lift the hair
correctly. This can make or break the result. The correct techniques and working
procedure are explained in the training.

During the training we will discuss the (major) differences between lifting the
eyelashes and eyebrows. For example, the liquids are different in terms of
contact time and strength. Moreover, an eyebrow treatment is complicated,
since you work on the skin instead of on silicone pads such as with the eyelashes.
The shaping (waxing and mapping) of the eyebrows is also part of the training;
participants in the training must already have gained experience with this.

This training is therefore only accessible to experienced brow stylists and is only
available at our main location in Malta. Be quick because there are only a few
places available, full is full!

Regular price 197.00 euro

For available dates please contact e.: lashacademypro@gmail.com

Are you at the level of success you dream of? Get priceless advice from Anna
Zlociak Master Lash Trainer! 
Lash Academy is now offering mentoring sessions with our Expert Lash Trainer. Our
mentoring sessions are created for those who want to increase personal productivity
 and enhance personal effectiveness and the ability to work smarter and not harder. I will
help you to learn, refresh and develop specific skills and knowledge. I will help you
to strengthen a weak side of your work.
In Lash Academy we provide two types of mentoring sessions:
Individual / One to One ( 3 hours – 197 euro incl. VAT and certificate;  5
hours -euro 295 incl. VAT and certificate)
Two-students / Two to One ( 3 hours – euro 365 incl. VAT and certificates;
 5 hours – euro 550 incl. VAT and certificate)

Our mentoring sessions are designed to:
 refresh your knowledge;
 improve your skills;
 expand your theoretical and practical understanding;
 get guidance;
 enhance confidence; 
The outcome for you will be absolute clarity around your strategy and direction
going forwards.

Working hard and being talented is a given gift, however many have talent and work
hard but still missing something to succeed. Our Master Lash Trainer are here to help
you to reach your goals and give you guidance to the right direction.
It is a great opportunity to be taught by the best experts of the industry. Find out all the
tips and tricks! Book now!
For bookings, payments and available dates please contact
e.: lashacademypro@gmail.com or  t.:+35699898150

 innovations
 Join the Lash Academy family and help women everywhere feel more
beautiful and confident
 See first-hand how YOU can change the life of every client you work